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2:19 am
Now stop it [15 March, 2023]

So I am still here at the moment, I have been taking it easy and still knackered with lower oxygen levels, had to say to Steve make my birthday end of April beginning of May with my birthday being in August not sure if I will get that far with how my levels are dipping lately!

He is helping me by putting on the tumble dryer on the coldest days of the year and will the beast of the storms we have been having.

I know he loves me he just has a shit way of showing it at times still waiting for the cooker to be cleaned from 2 months ago and the carpet in the front room from a few days ago I asked him to do.

Still wondering if he will miss me when I am gone, or it won't matter to him, he will just mean he can go fishing more!

Si on the other hand I know he will be upset, and I hope he knows that I hopefully will be pain free in the next life!!

I guess I have been thinking a lot about what happens when you die and all I can say is I am not scared to die any more I must admit I was at the hospital, but now I am totally at peace with it,

This was not meant to be a boohoo entry, so other stuff happening is not a lot at the moment, just trying to do more than 2 st paddy designs for this week's group and slowly doing it.

Anyway, that is all for now, have a good one back soon