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About Me [01 January, 2018]
I am a 40+female who used to write about herself in here but I have decided to only show my paint shop pro designs,I got fed up of daily nothings to write and found it hard sitting here without anything interesting to say.

I do have things to say but I doubt you would find them interesting enough.Maybe I am wrong?

I am with my partner and have been for 15 years,it is not always easy and he is at times the hardest dude to get along with but he has stood by me and god knows that could not or is not an easy task!

I play World of Warcraft (Wow) and enjoy it no end I also design in paint shop pro pro the designs I show are what I have been sent through a group and have to cone to come up with something

E.g a picture frame you have to use a person or an animal etc etc.

Or what comes to my mind and what I call just for fun so check back and see what has been going on in my mind!

Here is a promo video of world of warcraft in the last 10 years.