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12:14 am
Worst Christmas Ever [17 January, 2021]
Well I hope you all had as good as a christmas as you could with all the lockdowns.

Before christmas I ended up in hopsital for 2 days Dec 17 and 18, I couldn't breath and I thought it was my hernia,turns out it wasn't at all it was my blood not making proper blood cells and I was only at 68%.

So I ended up having 2 blood transfusions a bag to stop my stomach producing
too much acid.

So many painkillers and injections that I ended up looking like I had been beaten,I was black and blue then I got more jabs on top of that when my b12 was low again also got told my floic acid was low.

Lets just say I was bad my insides where totally fucked.

I ended up coming home with brusises folic acid pills for a month,stomach acid killers for a month and a district nurse coming in all over christmas and the new year for the b12 jab as I was still so low.

I am also on b12 jabs every 3 months now given by the district nurse again what joys NOT!

So that was the worst Christmas and New Year ever for me