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2:52 am
Still here I think [28 August, 2018]
I have been busy playing world of warcraft BFA the lastest expac has been launched for about 2 weeks and Si and I have been leveling through it toghter but boy is he hard work at times,

This weekend he went fishing and I was with Si again ,oh dear lord when do my ears get a break lol,at least he was not moaning moaning it was just the volume he has the speakers I am like a don't need a hearing aid I need something to stop things being so loud.

I am still waiting for any news about my 24 ecg I had done but I guess no news is good news I go back to the quacks end of the month for them resuts and I guess that will be my yearly vist.I just tend to self look up syptoms online and fob everything off but my bp I just could not do that damn woman.

Anyways that is it will update again soon.