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Saint Patricks Day


1:59 pm
You must be joking right! [01 December, 2019]
I have been sorting out the external still more shit on it then anything but have found a few great things on it I did not know I had so guess it is all good in the end!

Si was here the weekend and the other half did not go fishing for once so that was nice for a change,

Si is still being an arse and paying for useless shit on a free game instead of saving for a depoist and furture rent,his folks are not getting any younger and instead of saving for what happens to us all he is just wasting his money I am not talking pennys he does about £200- a month on it add that up over a year and he is making leaps a having enough.

I did say he could stay here while he saved but now No chance in hell not when I see him not even trying to save and just wasting his money sorry not happening.

Also so looking forward to christmas with just me and Steve for christmas first one in 17 years I know it has been that long as it nearly our anniversary and not forgetting the cooked christmas dinner that he would not dare ruin after Si and his 2 last year runnings of uncooked food.

For once I am actually looking forward to christmas and good home cooking lets hope he does not dissapoint me got half me chirstmas shopping done also bought a drinks cooler for my cans as they dont leave alot of room in the fridge for food over the festive period.

Anyways that is all for now write again soon now we are in Dec.

Have a good day folks and stay warm its bloody freezing today