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Saint Patricks Day


3:43 am
Cheeky Bastards [05 December, 2019]
Well here I am again I am still waiting for my christmas tree to turn up from his mums he did say 2 days ago he would bring it over but at this rate by the time it gets here it will be time to go back!

I have been waking up and going to bed in such pain that now I am ok with the fact that if I do not wake up I would be better off.

On the subject of pain I am still waiting for ESA to get back to me on my reclaim they take so long for shit it is hard to not scream at the post man,I called them last week and was waiting 47 mintues to be told it is in the medical officers department here is their no,

So I called them to be told we are looking at it and will decide what happens next if you need to come in etc .

So still no further forward at all just left hung about waiting for the results and hopefully it all gets sorted otherwise who knows what will happen and how much fight/time will pass if things do not go well.

I saw wow was doing the cute charity pet but hey maybe I could be that one day soon nah when I get my pip then I will buy one happy christmas to me hey.

Oh and girls never ask your fella if he wants a blow job he might just respond with not from you!!!

Anyways that is it for now have a good one