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9:10 pm
Trip Really [23 May, 2020]
So today I fell into the door frame in the bedroom and banged my left arm on the inner frame and my right wrist on the shelf and both hurt like hell.I tripped over my own feet meaning I just went over nothing again.My left arm is brusing nicely it looks blue like someone has spray painted it.

Update now on day 2 of the trip and the bruising is really starting to come out on the left arm it is brown and comes a good 2 to 3 inches down my arm it still huirts like shit and my right wrist has a single dot of brown and hurts to move and grip things I think I aggroed an old injury on that.

As normal the only thing he said was REALLY! great words of comfort no cuddle no kiss no love just really did I expect a little more yes not talking hearts and flowers here but an at least a hug and a kiss maybe not even a tissue for the tear that came to my eye.

Apart from that not alot else going on so have a good day all and I will try and saty safe until next time!