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7:09 am
Cut off point! [03 March, 2021]
Got my pc back and running and it is so nice to be fast and quiet again. But my DVD ROM now needs to be replaced as that went tits up and broke and yesterday one external kept making clonking noises so got the files off that and now another one is so slow and keeps losing the pc, so it looks like I got to try and get them files off and have ordered a new external which will be in here in 10 days FFS really.

Oh, and I heard from the doctors they asked do you still want the COVID-19 jab so i said yes, and they OK we will contact the district nurse for you, so that was a bit of unexpected news thought they had forgotten me.

Hope they do it the same time as the jab at the end of the month, but I doubt it, mind you with this COVID-19 jab i don't care just give me the damn thing already!

So that is how my last few days have been anything that can break has broken.

I am still working on getting the bedroom sorted, tided and room made done half my side now, so I am slowly getting sorted good old me hey, Just going to take time not like i am going anywhere any time soon

Oh, he asked me if smokes go up again in the budget what is your cut-off point, I just told him I will cut your food shopping down first before smokes, I am not sure how he took it but honestly do not tell me to cut down or give up smoking you will not live long if I do.

I was and am so angry I am paying for household stuff for this place he has not bought one furniture item for this place,it has all been me, and he had the cheek to say that. Well now I am paying off the debts of all the stuff, and he can go whistle and live on cheap brand foods he has annoyed me that much.

That is all for now back soon no doubt with updates about this happy ish life here lol