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10:11 pm
Shits n Fucks!! [14 May, 2021]
I had a rough night so just as I was going to sleep the distrist nurse turns up again the this time seen this dude before he is ok he wants the low down on how the bangaes are now going on and so I tell him I don't want the so called sensitive underlayer which makes you itech like you have crabs mind you never had them but I can imagaine!

Then he says why did you take it off so I told him it hurts when they swell up and I really do not want that pain so take them off after a while.

He then says we might have to see about getting you some boots and a step in compression thing h boy here we go again.

He leaves with the chat we I will ask my boss and discuss what the options are as the banages are not working with how I can tolorate them.

I just siled and thought wait till you bring the compression boots and stockings you ain't heard nothng yet I had them all before but lets see what happens shall we when they next turn up.

So I am left like a half mummy and a blob on the other leg and hopefully it will last longer,although with how I am feeling today I have a new knee pain on the left side which hurts like hell it locks up and when I go to stand to get up or bend my knee to sit the pain shoots through me so I end up saying alot of oh shits and fuck fuck fucks.