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11:51 pm
No one here weekend [16 August, 2021]
So no one turned up over the weekend or today WTF, guess I am not worthy of my 2nd Covid jab or something.

There has been a lot of drama in one of the PSP groups I am in, but all settled down now and instead of that one group I am now in 2 groups as half the members are in one and the other half are in a new group and holy shit a shitload of stuff I have been snagging we are talking about 110gbs so far of stuff, so I am now backing it all up on disc after opening the folders and boy is that taking some time but it is so worth it.

I am trying to get up to date on things as I joined another tagging group which sends stuff through, and you make a tag out of it is pretty much like Monday's group only a few sends a day, and you can do what you like which is cool.

I think my external needs a well-earned rest after all that I have dumped on it tonight!

Anyway, have a good day