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4:47 am
Cramp Everywhere Almost [06 February, 2022]
I had the response team come out again on Wednesday to take my blood to check everything with my leg infection, and he said I will get back to you when I get the results of the blood test and spoken with your doctor, but nope good old James did not ring me and no one I repeat no one has got in touch with me, it is like oh fuck her she is not worth it, I start getting shit sorted, and it is like they just give up.

I really have had enough with it all and not going to bother any more to hell with them especially with a new symptom i have got it is like cramp, but it has hit my ribs under my boobs, my fingers toes the soles of feet the top of my feet, my fingers, even my stomach, palm of my hand also and all I can do when it happens to me is scream and shout at hm to either rub it or try heat or a cold pad on it, and he can normally help to ease it till I try to fall asleep and let the pain totally go.

Maybe one day someone will be able to help with these problems once and for all, who knows, but for now I have honestly had enough of everything.

Thats it for now i am so tired going to try and get some more sleep