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10:48 pm
Sort of Busy! [06 March, 2022]

So I had the district nurse comes out to do my b12 injection, but she was not that good at it, it went down my arm over my nightie no red mark on my arm from the needle no bruise just a tiny red dot which is highly unusual for this jab for me not to have a spot of blood get that taste in my mouth or not even a bruise I think she fluffed it.
My desk broke the runners for the shelf where the keyboard and mouse sit broke so had to be careful about the weight I put on it, did not want to learn on it while doing PSP also playing wow was a no no due to I would need both hands on the shelf same for both, so just some sorting of tubes emptied emails and watched downloaded items.
I did have fun with my main site for downloading TV shows films etc I got the dreaded notice of restricted due to high court demands again, so I found another browser that bypasses shit like that and let me see the site no problem, thankfully the site changes one IP address for us Brits and can now use it normally for Firefox yippee
Monday I hope he will clean this place up like he said and do the hoovering mop the floors etc so at least it has had a freshen up for her/him.
On Thursday I have the lymphoedema person coming round to measure me and see my legs and options again like stockings wraps I have to find something the numbness cramp and pain I have been getting mostly in my feet is enough it brings me to tears quite often cuts down my sleeping times I feel like a walking zombie I may sleep a lot, but it is cut up with an hour here and two hours there if i am lucky.
Stay safe, people more soon.