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11:40 pm
Bank, Shopping, [16 November, 2023]
Oh boy am I happy Si has gone now I do not mean it as nasty or bitchy as it will sound but fuck he peed me off he mentioned one of my Ai looked like something in World of Warcraft, and I am meant to remember what and where he does not let it drop for an hour I swear he does it just to pee me off or really annoy me,

Steve did not catch anything the hole weekend, really what the hell is the point and to top it off kitchen still not been cleaned from when I asked a fortnight ago, let us just say if it is not done by the next time he goes fishing I will tackle it and then ditch everything that is not where it should be simple it wants to live dirty I will play dirty!

Then on Monday had to call my bank the fuckers they went down and instead of putting a notice on the web page to inform people the cash machines were not working you had to telephone which takes forever then the frigging guy says I don't know really how helpful is that then he goes on to say it might be your card I can order you a new one, or it might your card can only be used at our bank ATMs holy shit WTF.

Then today I had the bank manager telephone me, and it turns out he gave me misinformation all this bank's card were not working in the machines and the bank did not know until people called in the hundreds, and yes my new card will work anywhere and would I like the dude written up so I just said no but tell him to know his shit and that was that sorted,

I finally got everything I ordered from Morrisons and a refund for the toilet brush that had a piece missing, well not exactly a refund a credit which will get used next shop

As for me my legs are swollen my feet feel like razor blades on the heels on the right foot and the left behind the knee keeps cramping so bad I am lucky to get 2 hours sleep at a time hence I am here finally updating again.

That is all for now have a great day folks