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6:51 pm
Twig by Twig [28 July, 2019]
So he went fishing again this weekend and Si was here babysitting not sure what they think I will do if I am left alone maybe they know me too well !

On Sat just went to bed to a nap before Si turned up and the postlady turns up and gives me the box then about 15 mins later the delievery delieverly guy does not bother to knocl on the door just shoves a card through to see he hasd left the parcel with my neighbour again seriously what is wrong with the fucker,

Thank god she is an honest person and gave Si our parcel when he knocked it for it no one gets my tower fan especially as it is remote control and now I have 2 in here and they both can use the same remote yippie!

I am waiting on a pc chair but got told 6-8 weeks think they making it from nothing August 1-8 told for that and then the bed table from the OT still waiting since July 5 when she was going to order it heard nothing back about when I will be getting it through,guess they pulling down the tree twig by twig to make the top bit and then pressing a coke can and making that into a frame really does take time!

Thats it from me for now have a good one ...