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8:57 am
Cant catch me lol [03 August, 2019]
So I have a few hours till Si gets here as he has gone fishing and is away all night so I am going to see if I can clean the bathroom and kitchen before Si gets here, and starts moaning about how he should of done that.

I am already at a disadvantage my bp is in my bouncing between off the charts and in my boots and my chest is so tight again like an elephant sitting on it but it has been like this on and off for the last 2 weeks so it will pass again.

At least all the shopping turned up which was good news and he did not moan which made a change he also did not moan about where he was going to put everything so that was even better.

Right that is it for me need to wait another 10 mins then take some pills before I start so it will kick in and help with the pain of me being upright and cleaning.

Bye for now