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Lost for Words [29 January, 2021]
I am just lost for words how can so many windows updates fail simply put they have failed since 2017 I saw it in the windows update log,which screws up the later updates that I need to run shit.

I can use paintshop pro if I am lucky but with no plugins as it will not accept them not enough memory for this,then for a simple one you dont have permisson even though I m on a main account this pc is screwed to hell and that was before I got my hands on it needs a whole wipe and redo over but oh yeah it does not even have a cd/dvd rom .But it does have a floppy.I guess a floppy for a floppy pc.

Also will not let me on settlers angry about that means I will miss out on the valentines event stupid pcs oh well at least a broke pc and then a crappy pc makes room for a clean flat!

I have fucked my ankles and feet more though with the cleaning and am in more pain but hey someone has to do it,I cleared in here the front room last week and he still has not cleaned the floor yet well it did a patch when you walk in and left the rest cor he is so hopeful not!!

I am just keeping my eyes open for a pc that I can afford or one that has what I want from the catalogue,so lets hope they change stock soon with spring or summer comming.

Anyways thats it for now this fan is pissing me off with its drum so bye for now