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10:04 pm
So Busy For Once! [02 May, 2021]
So I had my first jab of the covid 19 vacince 3 weeks ago and I got flu systoms took a few to feel better,then I had to call the district in my legs where pumping clear fluid out all the excess lymphatic fluid and had to be dressed so she temp dressed them and ordered me stuff from the doctor.
As normal the doctor takes a while and she had to call them again who thn done it,then it took 4 days for the chemist to be ready and he went and picked them up.
I noticed no stockings to hold the dressing in place but did not ay a word after all I was expecting 1 or 2 bandages not 24 of 2 kinds ffs.
Finally he has the items bar the stockings thursday and the district nurse is due Friday or Saturday!So friday nothing happened no one turned up Saturday no one turnred up.
Oh well fuck them I think I get up Sunday and no pc so I text Si who as normal ignore my message I swear one day I will pin his phone to his dick then he will see it flash and answer.
After a long time he replied and said he had a graphics card and a new drive for me perefect so he comes over pretty quick like 2 hours later!
But the good news is now my pc is up and running and everything is now running good so I am well pleased with it thank you so much Si.
Then his digitaal camera fucked up so I sorted out a old one of mine and him being him no thanks fuck all and he goes and buys a card reader so he get his fish pictures off (exciting No blah blahit turns up and he is so pleased wtf whoppie,
I call the district nurse Sunday and ask what happened no show on 2 days he called back and said so sorry someone will be out monday.