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10:20 pm
Legs Leaking Again [03 May, 2021]
So I woke up mega early again after 3 hours sleep and sat thinking about nothing !After some time my mobile goes and it is the district nurse calling and he said what time is good for you so I told him anytime and he said 5 mins yeah sure I bellow to him 2 times and he gets out of bed and answers the door.
The district nurse gets in after some time with our stupid front door to the entrance way stupid intercom,and ends up walking up 2 flights of stairs,he says oh no hold the bangages up I guess dress it but it might fall down I say no problem
He then goes on to say rub cream in the other leg I say I dont have any he says ok I will write down what you need stockings and cream ,so he dressed my leg temporary and took a note of what I needed and boom gone in 10 minutes really 2 whole days and then that quick what the hell.
But I should not complain they are getting things sorted for me so much quicker and easier now I am housebound.,and the doctor has finallt agreed.
Hell I even managed to get my painkillers upped by 2 strengths as the old ones where doing nothing so I was taking more to try and knock the edge of pain off.At least with these new ones I am finally able to cope with the pain if I get the correct dose in time! I tend to go no I am ok it is just a twinge and then boom full scale pain skin ripping on its own on your legs and ankles is so painful I would ot wish this on anyone.
Anyways the district nurse said someone will be back to dress your leg again 2 times a week,so guess in I guess in a few days someone will be back again.