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9:17 am
Still waiting for covid 2nd jab n other stuff [06 August, 2021]

So I am still waiting for my second Covid jab this is just getting silly now I did get told they put the paperwork in on July 21st so got to be soon I would have thought who knows.
My blood tests came back my iron levels are low again the doctor is going to recheck in 6-8 weeks and see then.
I did not go for the ECG or the chest xray as to why I am always breathless I just told him you have to keep still yes well I have cerebral palsy and can not keep still his reply oh well I can tell them you have it and just try and get a reading WTF honestly dude, so I said no Covid 2nd jab I am not hanging around a hospital waiting for hours with people who have good knows what!
Mind you he has gone to a clinic today for something on his foot that hurts I think he is slowly falling apart, also he has tooth /gum pain from his last visit he goes to get his teeth done and comes out with worse pain else where he has gone through 2 tubes of bonjella one being mine, so I told him make a freaking another appointment or go elsewhere to a dentist this is crazy.
I have been playing around in paint shop pro recently what with all the games quality going down the pan, so been having some fun with it and best bit it costs nothing lol.
I am still waiting to be shown how to use the walking aid they delivered over 3 weeks ago and for the loo frame and the op to see me for the recliner, this is just mad how long you have to wait for stuff nowadays.
Anyway, that's all for today, I need to get playing in paint shop pro!