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6:27 am
Plop Again [13 August, 2021]
Still no one has turned up or no letters, I guess everyone has forgotten me! Si did pick up the phone and called yesterday to say he was ordering cokes this week and next and then I might get some, it is so stupid what the shops say they don't have when you order online.

He also wanted to know if I was buying my own birthday cake erm no way why would I do that honestly it is no big deal just a day older not my fault the NOS are the 50!
So today is the dreaded Friday the 13 lol both me and him said maybe everyone will turn up today just have to wait and see.

Did finally mange to get the parcel taken back, they turned up yesterday one down off the list, just waiting on all my health things now yep had to be me.

I also dropped my guts yesterday again extreme back pain then plop lol then I slept for hours.Only hope today will be better

Also got asked if I wanted to be mod in a group and supply tuts etc to which i said thanks but no, thanks i want to design not spend my time looking for stuff. So answered politely thanks but no, thanks, hope she understood the reasons I gave her.

That's it for now tubes to sort and fun to be had