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5:56 am
It is my birthday 50 today!!! [21 August, 2021]
Oh well happy freaking birthday to me I said he could go fishing as Si was coming over later today but as normal he left 10 minutes ago and so my birthday 7 and half hours by myself so great day or what,

He and his mum got the same card and his mum gave me £10 in the card, which was very nice of her.

I got what I asked for from him nothing I even went into each room just in case he had brought me something and left it for me to find as a surprise but nope, well what a crock of shit I am definitely
disappointed but what the hell just another day right!

Other news yesterday I woke up with a red eye, and It's still red this morning the white bit of the eye is red it was done by coughing or my blood pressure while I was sleeping, lucky me.

Anyway that is it for now going for a sleep have a good day folks