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2:09 am
Iceland No Snickers [26 August, 2021]
So he is like MR snuffles at the moment, and he has the biggest barge pole between us just to try and spread of his cough and drippy snort nose going, it is just not nice.

Yesterday between sleeping and playing around in PSP I am fully updated on my challenges now and so happy to be up-to-date it's great for a change now just a few files to put away and totally sorted and ready for once for more challenges,

I did make him put the Iceland shopping away he was not my stuff I just paid for it all for him except the loo rolls so cold or not ill or not you are going to put the things away, and then later this morning we have Tesco turning up lets see if they can bring everything Iceland only missed his Snickers bars so not bothered about that he can do without. But Tesco has some me stuff lol so hoping it gets to me!Time will tell

On to more and the last catch up tags I have done fully caught up for now.